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Properly performed, regularly scheduled maintenance is the key to keeping your vehicle on the road. Our technicians offer scheduled maintenance on all makes and models.


We are transmission experts. We specialize in repairs, replacement and service for all makes and models.


We know performance. Our experts have the know how to squeeze every bit of power and speed out of your vehicle.

A-One Maintenance Tips

Tire Pressure, Tread and Safety

When was the last time you checked your tire pressure? Fewer and fewer service stations provide this service these days so it’s a good idea to purchase a tire guage and check it yourself. Properly inflated tires promote better gas mileage and traction. An over inflated tire has less contact between the tread and...

Fluids Leaking From Vehicle

Have you seen a puddle under your car? This is never a good sign. If something is leaking, you’ll need to get your vehicle looked at right away. Whether it is oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze or gas this is something that needs fixing immediately. Many experts recommend a quick check before starting your vehicle....

Manufacturer’s Scheduled Maintenance

Mechanic using a wrench and socket on the engine of a motor car during a service or repair in an automotive workshop close up of his hands Some folks believe that scheduled maintenance translates into, “just another way for the dealership to gouge me.” It can be tempting to put off oil changes and...

About A-One Transmission Performance Specialist

A-One Transmission Performance Specialist has been proudly serving Maryland drivers since 2006!

A-One Transmission Performance Specialist

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  •   443-770-0170
  •   7505 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd, Glen Burnie MD 21060


What are people saying about A-One Transmission Performance Specialist?
Danny replaced the water pump and the heater-core in my Beetle. It's working great and I really appreciate their service. I'll be coming back.

Henry P

They fixed my noisy brakes, replaced my broken exhaust and some other things. The mechanics are always great at explaining what is broken and what needs to be fixed. That's why I take my care there for scheduled stuff and repairs.

Tracey C

Glen Burnie
First gear in my Jeep was grinding and slipping forever. I thought it was going to cost way too much to fix so I dealt with it for months. Finally, I brought it in to A-One to get checked out. I was really surprised how affordable it was to fix.

Steve W

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